World Wide Tractor Manufacturers
World Wide Wheat Production


2007 Endangered Animals List


A List of Famous Painters
List of notable photographers


Astronomical Database of Constellations


0-60 Performance for High Performance Cars


Angels 2007 Baseball Game Schedule


A directory of world beers


World's Tallest Mountains


United States Average Household Income (2002-2004)
50 Largest Banks in the USA
Average Employee Wages (United States, 2006)
Average Real Estate Rental Cost for Selected Cities
Bank Identification Numbers
Country Gross Domestic Product (2005)
Credit Card Merchant Account Providers
Crude Oil Prices from 1949 to Present
Defunct retailers of the United States
Career Growth Projections for the United States (2004-2014)
Inflation rates by country (2003)
Large Oil Companies by Country of Origin
List of largest world corporations by market capitalization
List of notable architecture firms
Manufacturer Production Survey (United States)
S&P Earnings History by Year
United States Insurance Companies
World's richest people with a Billion Dollars or More
A list of the currencies in the world.
World List of department stores
World Oil Production by Country
World Wide List of Trade Unions
World Wide Stock Exchange List
World Wide Stock Exchanges
World's Top 100 Retailers
Worlds Largest Economic Entities (2000)


Average Annual Rainfall for USA States
United States Average Annual Temperature
Yearly Total Seasonal Rainfall for Los Angeles


List of athletic shoe brands
World Wide List of Fashion Designers


Coin Mints of the World


ASCII Character Table
Common Macintosh TCP & UDP Port Assignments
Common Microcontrollers listed by Brand
Common Windows Operating System File Extentions
A list of Cryptographic hash functions
Decimal, Hexadecimal, Octal, Binary Conversion Table
Default Password List for Networking Equipment
Digital Camera Equipment Manufacturer List
Firewire Audio Interfaces
Free internet, video, music, utility software
A database of newer Graphics Chips (2007)
Hex Codes for Common Colors
IANA List of Port Assignments
Internet Company Contact Information
Internet Country Codes
Internet Domain Name Registrars
LCD Computer Projectors
List of Apple Inc. slogans
List of CRT video projectors
List of FTP server return codes
List of handhelds with Wi-Fi connectivity
List of Pocket PC Computers
List of space flight simulator games
Points to Pixels Conversion Chart for Fonts
Real-Time Operating Systems
Super computer systems around the world
Video Game Company List
Web Robot Internet Crawlers


Assorted Vinatge Matchbox Toy Cars


2006 Per Capita Income for US Metropolitan Areas
List of financial regulatory authorities by country
Unemployment rate for world countries
United States Minimum Wages By State


High School Education Equivalents by Country
Largest US School Districts (2003-2004)
Largest US universities by enrollment (2004-2005)
List of high schools in South Africa
List of Secret Societies at Universities (North America)
List of selected learned socities
United States University List
World Literacy Rates


2007 United States Movie Grosses
A Database of Famous Fictional Dogs and Puppies
A Database of Playboy Models
A list of American Television Shows
A list of Canadian Television shows
A List of Dish Network Channels
Academy Award-winning films
American Film Institute's 100 Best Movies of All Time
Atari 2600 Video Games
Best Picture Academy Award Winners
Best Selling Singles by Year (United Kingdom)
Best Selling Handheld and Video Game Consoles
Canadian Television Network List
Comic Book Super Heros and Villians by Publisher
A list of famous Canadians
Films based on English-language comics
Game Manufacturer List
Gaming System Driving Simulators
Industrial Light & Magic Visual Effects Movies
List of American soap opera actors
List of animation studios
List of Criterion Collection DVD releases
List of Disney animated shorts
List of Disney feature films
List of drug movies and films
List of fictional secret agents
List of fighting games
List of Television Game Show Hosts
List of highest-grossing Bollywood films in Overseas markets
List of Love Boat Guest Stars
List of movie box office bombs
List of notable playwrights
List of performance artists
List of Popular 80's Albums
List of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
List of television stations in Africa
List of television stations in Mexico by call sign
Longest Running Broadway Shows
Longest Running Fictional TV Shows
Miss America Winners by State
Montreal Area Radio Stations
Film Movies with the longest run time
Musical films by year
Original Xbox Games Compatible with Xbox 360
Sony PlayStation One Games
Super Mario games by year
Top Selling Record Albums
Top United States Grossing Movies
United States Television Stations
World Wide Shortwave Radio Stations


World Biodiesel Production


Average Energy Use of Common Appliances
Energy Star Dishwasher Energy Efficiency
Energy Star Refrigerator & Freezer Energy Efficiency
Energy Star Washing Machine Appliance Efficiency
Energy Units Conversion to kBtu
List of Carbon Emissions by Country (2003)
List of renewable energy companies
Most Sustainable Corporations in the World (2006)
United States Per Capita Electricity Use By State
Wind Energy Generation Sites World-Wide


Calories Burned with Common Fitness Activities
Sanskrit names for Yoga Postures


A Database of Cocktails by Primary Alchohol Type
Brand Name Confectionery Products
Cigar Brands by Country
Directory of World Wide Fast Food Restaurant Chains
Edible Fish List
Food Additives and their purpose
List of edible culinary fruits
Caffeine content of Energy Drinks and Beverages
List of foods named after people
Martini Drinks (bartending)
Mcdonalds USA Nutrition Information
Meat Nutrition Guide
Papa Johns Pizza Nutrition
Scientific Names of Fruit
Scientific Names of Spices and Herbs
Tobacco Pipe Manufacturers
Whisky Brand List
World Cheese Origins
World Grain Production by Year
World Wide Chocolate Makers


A List of Natural Gas Pipelines
Capital Cities of World Countries
Ocean Water Coastlines of World Countries
World Country Population and Land Area (2002)
Hydroelectric Powerstations
Lakes in the United States listed by State
Largest Suspension Bridges in the World
List of castles and fortresses in Switzerland
List of English districts by population
List of Indigenous Australian group names
List of longest suspension bridge spans
List of mountains in Norway by height
List of NATO Country Codes
Meteorites that have fallen on Canadian soil
Mountains in the United States Listed by State
A Database of the Tallest Mountains in the World
Telephone area codes for United States States
United States River List
US State Population
USA City Population 2007
USA State Land Area
USA State Motto List
World Gold Mining Production By Country
United Nations World Heritage Sites
World Islands By Area
World Time Zone List
World Wide List of Oil Fields
World's Largest Cities (2005)
World's Largest Cities
World's Largest Islands
World's largest lakes (bodies of water)
World's Tallest Buildings


2008 United States Senators by age and generation
Canadian First Nations governments
Council of Europe's treaties
List of delegates to the Millennium Summit


50 Largest Hospitals in California
A list of popular treadmills
Common Drug Synonyms
Drugs controlled by the Drug Enforcement Administration
Death Rates by Country
DSM-IV Mental Health Disorder Codes
Estimates of Fatal Risk for Activities
Global Alcohol Consumption by Country
List of Best Selling Drugs
List of Cigarette Additives
List of common anti-depressant drugs
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Codes
List of World Health Organization Essential Medicines
Listing of FDA Approved Oncology Drugs
Number of Active Physicians by Specialty (United States)
Overweight Population By Country (age 15 and over)
Sucide Rates By Country
Typical Cost for Common Plastic Surgery Procedures (United States)
World Widfe life Expectancy by Country (2007)


Catholic Pope History
Date of Independence for Modern Countries
Great Inventions by Year and Country
Historical Largest Cities of the World
Famous People who have commited suicide
List of Historic Fires
List of Prince-Bishops of Trent
Rulers of Japan
Tibetan Dalai Lama List
Time Magazine's Man of the Year
United Nations Presidents
US Presidents


Entities that have issued postage stamps
List of scale model sizes
List of Ty Beanie Babies


Traditional Anniversary Gemstones


American Nicknames
English Abbreviations and Acronyms (Great for texting !)
List of Classical Latin Roman Abbreviations
Local Names of World Countries
Most Common Surnames in the United States
Name Origins (European)
Phonetic Military and Police Alphabet
United States Most Popular Baby Names in 2007
World Wide Lanuage Speakers
World's Largest Newspapers by Circulation


List of Ordinances and Acts of the Parliament of England, 1642 to 1660
Car and Auto Highest Theft Rate (American Cities)
Legal Driving Blood Alcohol Limits
List of common legal abbreviations
List of largest UK law firms
List of Thomas Edison patents
Notable United States Supreme Court Cases
Parties to international patent treaties
Prison Population by Country
United States Extradition Treaties
United States Property Crime Rate
United States Violent Crime Rate
World List of Mounted Police Units


Southern Technical College Library


A Database of Fictional Extraterrestrials Space Aliens
Best Selling Books of All Time
Best Selling Fiction Authors
1969-2005 Booker Prize Winner List
Bookstore Chain List
Carnegie Medal for Children's Books
Concrete and visual poets
Fictional medicines and drugs
Hans Christian Andersen Stories and Fairy Tales By Year
List of science fiction authors
List of William Shakespeare Plays
List of works by Joseph Conrad
Pulitzer Prize Winning Novels By Year


A List of military armoured car models by country
Aircraft Carriers of the United States
Divisions of the United States Army
List of modern armament manufacturers
List of United States Navy Hull Classifications
Suicide bombings in Iraq since 2003 (to July 2008)
United States Medal of Honor Statistics


A List of Electronic Music Publishers
A List of Famous Musicals
Billboard magazine's Dance Hit Singles By Group
Canadian record labels
Famous World Composers by Country
List of artists who reached number one in Ireland
List of artists who reached number one on the ARC Weekly Top 40
List of artists who reached number one on the Australian singles chart
List of artists who reached number one on the Hot 100
List of bands from Canada
List of classical guitar makers by country
List of compositions by Dmitri Shostakovich
List of compositions by Ludwig van Beethoven
List of compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
List of Motown Records artists
List of National Musical Instruments
List of rock music instrumentals
List of singer-songwriters
List of soul musicians
List of The Beach Boys songs
List of The Beatles songs
Musical Instrument Database
Opera companies in Europe
Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time
World Wide List of Post Secondary Music Schools


Nutrition and Calorie Information for Common Groceries


Asteroids named after people
Current members of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada
List of Indian film actresses
List of Jewish American authors
List of notable black Britons
List of Notable Mexican Americans
List of Notable Puerto Ricans
List of people on stamps of the United States
List of prizes, medals, and awards
List of space travelers by nationality
List of the verified oldest people (July 2008)


State Regulated Weeds


World Wide Think Tanks


2007-2008 Major Religious Holidays and Events
Adherents of Major World Religions
Bishops of The United Methodist Church
List of founders of religious traditions
Tallest Churches in the World
World List of Basilicas
World List of Hindu Temples


A list of common minerals
A database of aquarium fish
Distinct cell types in the adult human body
Freshwater aquarium plant species
Large Very Proper Motion Stars (Astronomy)
List of astronomy acronyms
List of Common Organic Solvents
List of dog breeds by country
List of Expeditions to the Mir International Space Station
List of Mathematical Societies (by year founded)
List of birds in Canada and the United States
List of NOVA episodes
List of science museums
List of Astronomical Space Stars
Material Density for Common Substances
Measurement Conversion Factors
Periodic Table of the Elements
A list of physics constants
Scientific Latin Names for Common Animals
Solar System Moons
Space Satellites Currently Orbiting Earth
Volatile Organic Compounds
Weather Instrument List
Year and Discoverer of Chemical Elements


2007 - 2008 Calgary Flames Game Schedule
2007 - 2008 San Jose Sharks Game Schedule
Baseball World Series Winners
Formula One World Drivers Champions
Hart Memorial Trophy Winners for NHL Hockey
Hockey Stanley Cup Winners
List of Georgia Institute of Technology athletes
List of largest sports contracts
List of motorsport championships
List of one-gamers in the National Hockey League
List of Major League Baseball hitters with three home runs in one game
NASCAR all-time cup winners (as of Febraruy 17, 2008)
NCAA Basketball Tournament Champions
Olympic Summer Games Medal History
PGA TOUR 1980 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1981 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1982 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1983 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1984 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1985 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1986 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1987 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1988 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1989 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1990 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1991 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1992 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1993 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1994 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1995 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1996 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1997 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1998 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 1999 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 2000 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 2001 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 2002 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 2003 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 2004 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 2005 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 2006 Money Leaders
PGA TOUR 2007 Money Leaders
Soccer World Cup FIFA Winners
Superbowl NFL Football Result History
Top Womens Marathon Runners
Tour de France Winners
Wimbledon Tennis Men's Tournament Winners
Wimbledon Tennis Women's Tournament Winners


World's longest motor luxury yachts
Historical 0-60 Performance Times for Selected Cars
2007 fuel efficiency ratings and engine types for cars.
Automotive fuel brands
Fastest Planes in the World
Highway Passenger Car Speed Limits by State
Interstate Highways in the United States
List of aircraft engine manufacturers
List of countries by train railway track length
List of deep water ports
List of fictional vehicles
List of private-use airports in California
Longest consumer road vehicles
Major Airplane Disasters
Muscle Car Classic Auto Performance
Number of Airports in World Countries
Present Day and Historical American Car Manufacturers
Present Day and Historical Motorcycle Manufacturers
Public Road Length by State
Ship Operating Companies By Country
Space Shuttle Mission History
World Airport Codes
World Land Speed Record Holders
World List of aircraft manufacturers
World Wide Airlines by Country and Region
World Wide Scooter Manufacturers
A list of the 30 busiest airports in the world


2006 World Monuments Fund Complete Watch List
African National Park List
Calgary Transit bus routes
Chicago Area Tourist Attractions
Database of Cruise Ships
Directory of World Wide Zoos
Festivals in the United States
List of Bus Routes in London
List of London Underground Subway Stations
List of outdoor waterparks
List of railway stations in Greater Manchester
Natural History Museums
Nevada Casinos By City
New York City Area Museum List
Registered Historic Places in Nevada
United States National Landmarks
United States National Park List
World List of Casinos
World's Largest Hotels
World's Largest Shopping Malls


Wine Producing Countries


List of youth organizations
Merit badge (Boy Scouts of America)